Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Quilt Market - Patty Young

Ahhhh.....Quilt Market was great! It's such a feast for the eyes to see all the beautiful new fabric and patterns and booths. I talked to so many amazing, wonderful, nice and incredibly talented designers. I'll be posting lots of pictures over the next few days. But, I have to start with Patty Young. And yes, that's John in the middle. He came to Quilt Market with me - Yay!
Patty is a designer for Michael Miller who created the Andalucia Collection. Yes, the fabric that's in the Giveaway this month.

Scroll on down to the October 1st post if you're currently thinking - "Giveaway??? What Giveaway?" Or click here.

Anyway, Patty and her husband Jon are the nicest people. Patty actually convinced me to get on Twitter! She's an expert at it and she taught me how to Tweet. You should have seen the look on John's face (my John, not Patty's Jon!) when I said I'd like to start Tweeting. He's been trying to get me on Twitter for months now. It took Patty about 2 seconds to convince me I should be on Twitter. Sorry, John - I guess men aren't the only ones who don't listen to their Sweeties!

Here's one more photo of Patty's booth where you can see a little bit more of her adorable new patterns in the background.
Lots more to come!

Happy Sewing,

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